Halloween is a fun holiday. Thanksgiving, though, with its holiday travel or hosting large groups of family members also gets entrepreneurs into the holiday season and that is a lot of stress for many business owners. We have 3 ways entrepreneurs can handle holiday stress, enjoy time with friends and family and not be concerned their business will fall apart.

When I was a fledging entrepreneur, I didn’t give myself enough time to enjoy the holidays and savor time with friends and family. I was so business-focused that I didn’t stop and put strategies in place that would let me enjoy holidays without the stress of my business hanging over my head. I want you to learn from my years of experience and find that you can almost have it all.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle Holiday Stress

While I don’t believe there is a true work-life balance, there are ways to step away from work and be with friends and enjoy the holidays. Why don’t I believe in work- life balance? Because when you’re at work you’re working. When you’re home, you’re home. You could have a work-life blend, but balance, not so much.

Here are my tips.

  1. Keep to your regular routine. If you have a plan that works for you, then stick with it. Don’t get off track and shuffle too many things around. Yes, you may want to move some client calls or meetings to take the holidays and time you want to take off into consideration but don’t just ditch all the successful strides you’ve made.
  2. Just say no. No to extra responsibilities. No to additional meetings. Maybe even no to taking on a new client in the holiday season. This is obviously a personal decision and your finances will play a role, but does this new client need to start right now or can he or she wait until the new year? Can you do a soft onboarding and jump in after the holidays?
  3. Give yourself a gift. The gift of time. The gift of a day off. The gift of a day at the spa. Whatever you consider a gift, do that and don’t feel guilty. If you’re giving and giving and giving, it might just be time for you to take something on your own.

Give back. The holidays are a time when pet shelters or homeless shelters and food kitchens really need helping hands. Find some time to volunteer and bring your friends and family along for that experience.

What do you need to, or want to, do differently this holiday season so you can enjoy it? Let me know!

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