If you can find the time to blog for your business, it will pay off in the benefit of potentially finding new clients and showing your expertise. Also, if you have a website, it’s pretty easy to put a blog page up and write blog posts. You can also hire a content marketing professional to do your blog for you while you focus on your core competency. We have put together a list of 6 reasons to start a blog this year.

A blog is a great component in a your marketing toolkit.

6 Reasons To Start A Blog This year

  1. Get found. With a blog you will have increased visibility with potential clients. When you make use of SEO keywords and key phrases in your blog posts, your customers will be able to find you in a Google search.
  2. When you blog you can create your brand voice. The voice of your brand will show through in the style of blog posts you write.
  3. Your blog is the best place to share your knowledge and show your expertise. When you blog you can share your industry trade knowledge. On a blog post you can answer FAQs from customers. A blog allows you to showcase new products and get feedback on current products.
  4. You can build a community around your brand through your blog. Comment back to readers when they find your post and write to you.
  5. It is a marketing tool that is inexpensive and will mainly cost you in time. However, you need to determine whether it’s the best use of your time to write blog posts or hire a content marketing individual to do it for you.
  6. When you’ve written a blog post you can repurpose that content to share on your social media platforms. A blog post can be turned into an infographic or a video or even a podcast. The blog is the hub of all your other content.

Are you blogging? Have you blogged? Do you feel you need a better strategy? If so, contact Rex Richard today.

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