If you’re like most of us, you grabbed your online name for social media sites, added a bio, set it then forgot it, right? When did you set up your bios? Has it been more than a few years? Have you changed since then? Have the goods and services you offer changed? Have you earned new certifications? Are your online bios current? If you’re not sure, check them out today.

    Add to that, when did you last update your professional photograph? Did you set up your accounts with a selfie you’d taken? If that’s still the case or if you still have the “egg” for your profile pic, now is the time to get some professional headshots taken. This is an investment in yourself that just might pay off.

    Are Your Online Bios Current?

    Add to your to-do list this week: check and update online professional bios. Check all of the sites in which you have a presence. Make certain that all of the bios have the same information. You don’t necessarily need to have them all be the same word-for-word, but you don’t want to leave off a vital piece of information.

    Here are the reasons to update your bios today!

    1. Readers want the most important information and they want it quickly. Put, what you believe is the most important information, at the beginning of your bios. Use keywords and short, punchy text.
    2. Look at your bios with a critical eye. If a potential client saw that, what would his or her first impression be? Remember, this could be the first impression someone has of you — make it stellar.
    3. Don’t be coy or use clever titles on your profiles. You want to let a potential client know exactly what you do, you don’t want them to guess whether you’re a fit for a project they have.

    Once you’ve updated your online profiles. Ask a trusted client or two to give it a look over and see if they feel it accurately represents you and the services and goods you provide.

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