What do you want to accomplish in 2018? What did you leave unfinished in 2017? We have put together some tips to boost your business growth in 2018. You don’t have to implement everything all at once — in fact I recommend you take it one at a time. Test. Measure. Repeat!

Boost Your Business Growth In 2018

What is your business? No, really what is it? Who is your ideal client? What is your core competency? So many business owners get fractured in their businesses and spread themselves too thin and after a point, they aren’t certain who they are or what their business is.

Get back to basics. What brought you your initial success? Do you have clients who have been with you since the beginning? Get back to basics and make sure you are taking care of those individuals who have been with you.

Cultivate multiple streams of income. While you don’t want to spread your business message too thin, you also want to have other streams of income to fall back on. What is your core business and how can you make multiple streams of income from it?

Who is your target market? Are you reaching out to them? Where do they congregate online and are you there with your business as well?

If you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur write down your passions but pursue them one at a time.

Know your budget and work within it. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Start small, grow from there when you have the funds to do so.

If you’re jumping into business ownership this year, make certain you have a business plan in place and understand the strategies you will take to make your business a success. Your business plan should have your mission, your vision, your ideal client, what you will be charging and how you will measure your success.

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