Many entrepreneurs are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. If you have weathered the coronavirus pandemic you are on the road back to success — we hope. Business owners surviving COVID-19 deserve a gold star because it has been difficult. We know so many businesses will fail and that economic recovery will take months, perhaps years.

If you’re still plugging along, we applaud you. If you were one of the new entrepreneurs who came out of the pandemic, then come along for the ride!

Business Owners Surviving COVID-19 Deserve A Gold Star

What is the hallmark of a surviving business owner who should get the star? They survived! They are thriving. They have pivoted in their businesses and are still here — months later. Here are some other qualitties that deserve recognition.

  1. Creators. Business owners are the ultimate creator — that doesn’t necessarily mean they are artists or designers — although it could! A creator means that a person looked at a problem and created a solution!
  2. You love being your own boss. You have mastered productivity, time management and a work life balance. Congratulations!
  3.  You uncovered your hidden talents and turned them into a business opportunity.
  4. You’re much better at being your own boss than you were at being an employee — we know many entrepreneurs who “failed” at being an employee but are incredible at being a boss!
  5. You took the leap of faith. Jumping into business ownership takes faith in yourself and courage. You’ve shown both!

Don’t you deserve those gold stars? Take time today — right now and think about all that you’ve done that sets you apart. What makes you the entrepreneur that you’ve become? Shout out your successes on social media! 

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