As an entrepreneur you assume your customers love you. But have you ever wondered, “do your customers hate you?” Hate is a strong word, but your customers may not love you as much as you hoped they would.

Here are some things you might be doing that you think are fine, but you are making your customers angy.

Do Your Customers Hate You?

  1. You don’t listen to their concerns. You are so busy pushing your products and services on them that you don’t listen to see if that’s what they really need or want.
  2. You over promise, but you are underdelivering. If you can’t meet a deadline, don’t promise that you can.
  3. You always know what’s best (read number 1, again). If you’re not involved in the day to day operations of running their operation you don’t know what is best.
  4. You are not easy to get in touch with. Playing hard to get with a client is not a way to endear yourself to your clients. If you are working with them, be available to them.
  5. Watch what you say on social media. If you trash talk clients or people on social media, your clients will wonder what you’re saying about them.

Every entrepreneur wants his or her clients to love them, but you have to work to earn and retain that loving feeling. Remember when you were wooing them and convincing them that you were the right person with whom to work? You need to keep working on your relationship if you want it to thrive and be the best for both of you.

Have you experienced a time when your client didn’t love you as much as you imaged he or she did? What did you do to address that? Were you able to rekindle the warm feelings and stay working together or did you pocket that information as a learning experience for future clients and how to work with and treat them?

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