Is your marketing department struggling to engage with your staff? Do your staff and some of your vendors follow you on social media? Do they interact? Are they leaving comments on your blog posts? Does your business have a blogging culture? If you’re not sure, now is the time to investigate.

We have tips for how to get your staff involved in “helping” market the business by sharing your content with their friends and family. We know that not all content will appeal to everyone and their followers, but if you encourage your staff, you just might get more reach.

Does Your Business Have A Blogging Culture?

  1. Ask them to get involved. If you don’t talk about your blog posts and social media with your staff, they may not even think about it – nor will they think about interacting and commenting. If you do a company newsletter, mention the blog and social media, give links and ask for interaction.
  2. Information-sharing is what it’s all about. If you have internal teams that rarely interact with your other teams, now is the time to get everyone interacting and sharing info. You’re all in it together, right?
  3. If you have staff who comment or even contribute to your social media pages or your blog, recognize their contributions.
  4. Explain how to interact. Some of your staff may not even know how to interact. Offer a cheat sheet with suggestions.
  5. Let them take ownership in a platform. “Hey, Susie, want to comment on our social media this week? We’d love it! John, you’re up next week.” Make it fun!

Use your company’s blogging culture as part of your overall marketing strategy — you may be surprised and delighted with the results. If you’re not sure how to begin, reach out, we can help.

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