Losing a great employee can wreak havoc on a business. There are ways to ensure you don’t lose your best employees, but that starts before they have decided to give their notice. Sure you could offer a raise or match the benefits their new employer is offering, but if you don’t know the real reason they want to leave — it’s usually not always about the money — they will remain unhappy and will likely still look to leave.

In my coaching business I’ve worked with clients who shared, “I don’t want to train my employees in new technologies or offer continuing education because if I do, they will quit and I will have lost that investment.” Truly? Keeping your employees at their current level and never offering a change to move, change and grow will keep them?

Don’t be short-sighted. Don’t stifle growth of an employee and his or her skills because you fear they may “abandon you.” If they were going to leave they will regardless of the additional training. At that point, chances are they have already been scouring the want ads. Training and the chance for advancement may keep them with you longer –look at the flipside of that coin.

Don’t stifle a great employees’ desire for self-improvement. Your business and your employees performance will be of benefit to you. Also, you may keep a superstar if you encourage him or her.

Don’t Lose Your Best Employees

  1. Offer feedback. Do your employees know if they are performing at or above what’s expected? If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. Schedule a time each month — at least — to discuss performance. Praise wins and offer constructive criticism.
  2. Don’t overwork them. You may be doing the same work with a small staff but that doesn’t mean you can expect them to pick up all of the slack. Don’t make your employees feel they need to be available 24/7 — unless they are being well-compensated for that. Give them time off. Let them have a personal life. They may just work harder and smarter if they have time off.
  3. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Don’t hire an employee and promise them the world if you know that isn’t going to happen. You will have a dissatisfied employee and they won’t trust anything you say in the future. AND they will likely leave your firm.
  4. Don’t keep the big picture a secret. Share your vision. Even if your employee isn’t involved in the big picture, feeling like he is in the know is an empowering feeling. And truly, why not involve everyone?
  5. Don’t stifle creativity. Ask for input. Listen to creative ideas. Have a suggestion box and truly pay attention.

Do your employees have a reason to stay? Are there more reasons for them to be inching toward the door? If you don’t know or if you know they are thinking of leaving take steps to keep those valued employees today!

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