Raise your hand if you want the next morning you wake up and/or walk into the office to be incredible. I see a lot of hands! I believe in practicing mindfulness and getting physically as well as mentally active each and every day. I have found there are five things to do to make your next day brilliant.

    The attitude with which you wake up, will color your entire day. The attitude with which you fall asleep plays a role as well. Whether you want a better day at work, with your family, on vacation or in any aspect of your life, here are some actions I take.

    Five Things To Do To Make Your Next Day Brilliant

    What is your bedtime ritual? Are you watching news? Dramas? Are you on social media getting worked up by the posts you’re reading? Are you reading a book you love, sipping a glass of water or tea and sitting in a dimly lit room with relaxing music playing? Which ritual do you think will help you better fall asleep? Food for thought.

    1. Take a walk. When you walk at night, it’s calm, the glare of the sun has gone away and the sounds of nighttime are typically more relaxing. Walking in the moonlight will help you destress and might help you sleep better.
    2. ¬†Unplug. If you’re looking at your phone or watching television or listening to talk shows on the radio, you’re not able to relax. If you’re reading in bed, read a good old-fashioned paperback book. The light from our devices interrupts our brain waves and makes us more tired. Also, if you’re checking email before bedtime, you’re bound to get an email that stresses you out and will make you think about what you will have to say or do to address that message in the morning. If you’ve read a message that is causing you stress, you should simply get up and address it so it won’t be poking at you all night.
    3. Is your bedroom comfortable? Is it dark enough? Is your bed comfortable? Does your pillow contribute to your sleep or make it harder to get to sleep. Is your room cool enough? A warm room makes it harder to get to sleep than a cool one. Do you need white noise to help you sleep better? Get a sound machine or turn on a fan.
    4. Plan your day before you leave the office. Write a to-do list. Get your priorities in order and write them down. That way you will take the stress of “what am I doing tomorrow” out of your thoughts and getting it down on paper. You’re also making it easier to jump back into your tasks when you walk in the following morning.
    5. Write in a journal. Before you fall asleep, write down the days successes and what you’re grateful for. Read that before you get out of bed the following morning and you’re bound to have a great day!

    What rituals do you have to make the next day productive and happy?

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