There’s no getting around it. A blog is not a fad. Your business blog is not going away, nor should it. If you have a business blog and haven’t been working on it, you need to make that a top priority this year. Why? Remember when Facebook shut down and no one could communicate with friends and family? Well, many business owners couldn’t connect with clients. If you had a blog and an email list, you would have been all right with the shutdown. Were you? You need a blog and we have tips to help boost your business blogging efforts.

Some of these tips may seem basic, but if you’re new to blogging or if you have a blog, but don’t write posts, you may need this reminder to motivate you. If you don’t have a blog and know you need one reach out to Rex Richard and his team to discuss a blogging strategy to help market your business to its greatest heights.

How To Boost Your Business Blog

  1. Make sure your content is of the highest quality. If you have typos and grammatical errors, a potential client may think you’re sloppy in the other services your business offers.
  2. Write content your audience/potential customer wants to read. Teach them something. Solve a problem. Show your expertise and how you should be their go-to person.
  3. Make an editorial calendar. This document is worth the time you put into it and will make content creation easier than you’d originally imagined. An editorial calendar will also take away the fear of the blank screen and the thought of, “what am I going to write?” Your calendar lays it all out.
  4. Make the content readable. Use subheads. Bullet points. Numbered lists. Many blog readers will consume your content on their phone or tablet and subheads and lists make it easier.
  5. Use SEO best practices. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but you should know what your business should be using as its search engine optimization keywords and key phrases. If you don’t know what keywords to use, reach out to Rex and his team for an SEO audit. SEO will help your blog and your business show up in a Google search.
  6. Use video or audio. If you don’t want to write, make a video. Record an audio. Keep in mind though if you just embed a video or an audio on your site without any text, it will not be searchable. Write content to go along with the video or audio. You may want to consider hiring a transcription service to transcribe the audio – this is ideal for those individuals who don’t want to listen to audio or watch a video.
  7. Share your blog post on social media. I know I said that social media is not quite your friend, but if you’re on social media with your business and you’re writing new content you want people to know about it, find it and read it, right? To do that you should share that content on social media. Add a bit of a teaser content on social with a link to “read more.” Your ultimate goal is to get people to your blog.

If you need expert assistance starting or reviving your blog, reach out to us, and let’s strategize content marketing to grow your business in 2022. Rex Richard – Founder and CEO, Peak Dynamics LLC Innovator, WordPress and Multisite “Niche Market Master”, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur.