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Make Your ENewsletters Work For You

Make Your ENewsletters Work For You

Enewsletters, used wisely, can help grow your business simply by helping you stay front of mind and in their inboxes on a regular basis. It’s not enough to be in their inboxes, but you need to be providing quality information as a way to build your relationships with them.

How can you be relevant and provide value to your clients with your enewsletter? Here are a few options:

  1. Know the purpose for your enewsletter. Yes, you want to stay in front of your clients, but you need to bring them something of value. Know the purpose for your enewsletter before you start.
  2. Keep the content relevant. If you have a wide client base, you may want to segregate your enewsletters and send them to the target audience that would benefit the most.
  3. Keep it brief. Your clients don’t have the time to read a lengthy enewsletter. Put in brief points and then direct them back to your website with links and photos. Remember, many of them are reading your correspondence on a smartphone — make it readable.
  4. Show your expertise. Make your enewsletters a resource that they keep and refer to when they need the answer to a question. Stay on top of your field and become the go-to person when there are changes afoot.
  5. Speak to them. If the enewsletter program you’re using allows you to embed a video, then share your message via video. Keep it short, snappy and fun. Use video once or twice a month as a way to keep your clients/readers engaged.

Make sure your enewsletters have a clear call to action in every one and be consistent in sending them out. We provide enewsletter services and can assist you in determining how or if an enewsletter would benefit your marketing efforts.

Cloud Computing Ups Business Efficiency

Cloud Computing Ups Business Efficiency

As the owner of a business that works with team members across the globe, the benefits of cloud computing cannot be praised highly enough. Cloud computing makes it easier to collaborate, to share documents and frankly, to save money — and what business owner doesn’t want that?

Technological developments allow those with the entrepreneurial spirit to build a killer team without location being a hindrance. Here are some of the benefits we’ve found with cloud computing (also known as using programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, or any of the many other free and paid online storage programs):



  1. Efficiency. With clouds your information is stored on a remote server — one which you, the business owner, do not have to maintain. With the cloud you can efficiently run a business without having to worry about your own server or your bandwidth. With cloud computing you can also access your documents from anywhere, from any device — computer, smartphone, etc.
  2. All access. With cloud computing it doesn’t matter what operating system or type of machines your staff utilizes, programs in the cloud are accessible to all. Your staff can open, make changes to and then close documents and the rest of the staff can see them in real time.
  3. Save money. Because you don’t have to pay for additional storage on your actual computer you can save money. Because you don’t have to find a place to store disks or paperwork, you can save money. Depending on how much information you need to store you can either utilize many cloud computing programs for free or purchase — at reasonable rates — additional storage.

Cloud computing is safe and secure — as long as you have set up strong passwords. Imagine the possibilities of cloud computing and your business growth.



Seeking Out Your Ideal Client

Seeking Out Your Ideal Client

Unless you’re a fast food restaurant, chances are you cannot be, nor do you want to be, everything to everyone. You can’t mix and match all of your products (sandwiches) and add or subtract other items (condiments) until you are everything to everyone. You will make more money and be more productive and well-respected if you focus on a particular niche. Claim your expertise and focus on a particular client or market segment. Be the gourmet restaurant, not the fast food drive through.

Who is your ideal client? When you’re just starting out you may not truly know nor will you find it easy to turn away
potential clients who might not be just right for your goods or services. You don’t want to fall into the trap of changing your offerings to feed the market. Let the market come to you because you are specialized and exclusive.

Here are steps to work through when developing the persona of your ideal client:

  • If you’ve built the better mousetrap, who would be best served by it? Consider your client’s pain points and the solution your product or service offers and focus on that as your potential market.
  • If you know that your goods or services address XYZ issue in the market place, then go to the marketplace and demonstrate how you can help them do their XYZ even better.
  • If you have a client base, take some time to look at them and note all of the common traits they share. If you have turned away potential clients, make note of why and what they did, or did not, possess that made you think that your goods or services weren’t ideal for them. Your current client base is your best source for building a client persona.

Target a specific market. Make sure that your goods or services fit their needs then focus on making what you offer the best it can be.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Have you ever wondered if you fear the possibility of success? Some individuals do. They will limit what they do and thereby limit the successes they achieve simply because they are afraid of success. If you’re a business owner, does this make sense? Are you satisfied with the status quo?

I’ll bet you’re not and if you agree, here are some ways that I offer to overcome your fears so you can achieve greater gratitudesuccess:

  1. Revel in your expertise. You have likely claimed a business niche and if that’s the case, then own it. Become the trusted resource. If you do that you will become the go-to person and your business will soar.
  2. It’s not always about “the sale.” Consider how you can best serve your current and potential clients. Think about how your goods and service make their lives easier and focus on that… the sales will likely follow.
  3. Remember to say “thank you.” Those two words alone can set you apart from the competition. Showing gratitude to your clients for, well, being your clients makes them feel valued and will keep them loyal.

Are you letting fear hold you back? What walls are you running up against? Let us know in the comments.