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Does Your Business Brand Need A Refresh?

Does Your Business Brand Need A Refresh?

Brands are recognizable by their colors and brands. Truly can you ever look at a large yellow M and not know it’s McDonald’s? Probably not. Even if your business has been known for a logo or color or tagline, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a revamp. Does your business brand need a refresh? Maybe. Maybe not.

You may not want to completely change your business name, logo, tagline and colors or you could confuse your past clients. But if you’re expanding or changing or adding a completely new focus, then a new brand could be just what you need. There is no reason you can’t tweak your current brand to make it more current or relevant in today’s market. The last thing you want is for your brand to look old and tired even if the offerings behind it are current and relevant.

Does Your Business Brand Need A Refresh?

  1. You’re offering new and completely different services or products.
  2. The business model has changed and you need a new and different logo to reflect that change.
  3. The business management team has changed. You want a new logo to set yourself apart with a new identity.
  4. If you are pursuing a new target audience, your brand should reflect that.
  5. Does your old logo look tired and dated? Does your brand reflect a fax machine or a beeper? LOL, if so, you should definitely upgrade and update. If you are taking your business in a new direction and targeting a new audience a new logo or brand identification might make sense.
  6. If your old logo simply looks tired or the colors look dated, you might want to freshen it up with new colors.

Use your new branding as a way to garner new and fresh excitement in a social media campaign.

If you are looking for a brand refresh, to define your ideal client or find a way to connect more deeply with the ones you do have contact Rex Richard and his team.

15 Ways To Connect With Your Customers

15 Ways To Connect With Your Customers

Do your customers “know, like and trust you”? If not, why not? If you aren’t sure, you need to read these tips on 15 ways to connect with your customers. If your ideal client doesn’t know you value him or her, they will look for a new person with whom to work who does value them and who “gets” them.

Every business owner I work with has clients they adore and they have clients whose emails they avoid and they wince when they see a missed call from that person. How well do you know your customer? Wouldn’t you like to work with people who bring you joy? Then you need to ensure you’re bringing joy to them in all your interactions.

15 Ways To Connect With Your Customers

Who is your ideal customer?

  1. They value you above and beyond the fee they pay
  2. They are long-term clients.
  3. They are your biggest advocates.
  4. They continually buy what you have to offer.
  5. They know what they want and you get right to the point with them.
  6. They pay their bills on time.

How do spot that less-than-ideal-client before you sign them?

  1. Even in initial conversations, they are never satisfied.
  2. They continually ask for more but want to pay for less
  3. You are continually in money-chase mode with them
  4. They don’t value what you do and how to do it
  5. They bad mouth the people they worked with before you — this is a red flag because you know they will bad mouth you.

What steps should you take to jettison these clients? Be aware though that these tactics will work against you when they bad mouth you to their new service provider.

  1. Raise your prices
  2. Be unavailable for their phone calls or meetings
  3. Offer them an introduction to a business partner who may be a better fit
  4. Be direct. “I just don’t think we are a good fit.”

Have you ever had to break up with a client? Did you stay with a client much longer than you should have just because you needed the money? We get it. It’s not easy but you do need to weigh what they’re paying you with the energy they are draining from you.

If you are looking to define your ideal client or find a way to connect more deeply with the ones you do have contact Rex Richard and his team.