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Can your business compete in the “Amazon” and “instant delivery” era? There are some businesses — thankfully in the pool industry with pool contractors and pool service businesses — that can compete but others struggle in the instant gratification era. Many businesses have struggled since the pandemic and because people came to rely on delivery rather than going out to stores. What your biz can learn from mom & pop shops is something Rex Richard and his Peak Dynamics team discuss when they strategize with their clients.

You can compete, you just need to know the “insider secrets.” I’d read an article about what independent bookstores are doing to compete and stay viable and thriving. These are a few lessons I gleaned that could help any small business owner who operates a brick and mortar.

What Your Biz Can Learn From Mom & Pop Shops

  1. Community matters. To compete with the nameless, faceless big box stores, it’s all about community and building a connection with your customers. You don’t need a brick-and-mortar store to build a community. Look for ways to stay connected through emails and even by building an online group.
  2. Be like Amazon and offer an “if you like this, you might like that” to introduce a customer to a new good or service you may have to offer.
  3. If you have a retail outlet, is it appealing to customers when they walk through the door? If you have an online business is your website and online presence welcoming?

Small retailers can compete even with the big box guys. You need to help yourself and your business stand apart through customer service and connection and community building.

If you are looking for a brand refresh, help with setting employee goals, to define your ideal client or find a way to connect more deeply with the ones you do have contact Rex Richard and his team.