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Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

How can you motivate your team and employees to keep them better engaged and more loyal to the company? By offering ongoing training and coaching. Don’t wait for a specific moment in time or until you invest in a training program – open yourself and offer your skills on an ongoing basis to your team. Do you motivate and coach your team? If not, why not? If you are, congratulations!

When your team knows you’re providing impromptu coaching and training they will be eager to learn and their value to your company skyrockets.

Even if you have a competent – and why wouldn’t you – the staff there is always room for learning and growth and if you’re providing that they just might stick around. Don’t fall into the mindset that if you train them, they will learn and leave. Be confident in what you offer that they will, indeed stay and the coaching you provide only enhances their value to your company.

Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

Empower your staff to learn. Whether they learn on-site or online if they come to you with an opportunity to learn and if it will enhance their value and the skills they bring to the job then say, yes!

Why should you implement workplace training and coaching?

  1. Don’t assume what your staff knows or doesn’t know. Ask them to outline their unique skills and talents. You may have a talented staff member in a position that isn’t challenging him or her and you may want to move them into a position that better suits them and the company
  2. When you’re delegating tasks, use that as an opportunity to provide customized staff training opportunities
  3. Has there been a major shakeup in staff? Before simply sliding the next person in line into a vacant position, open the opportunity to others who may want to prove their mettle and grow in the company with new responsibility
  4. Tell your staff that you’re open to their learning new skills. Tell them to let you know what they want to learn and why and how it will help them in their current position
  5. Keep the door open for coaching and training. Let your employees grow and excel by offering them new opportunities to show you just how great they are
How To Monetize Your Blog

How To Monetize Your Blog

Show me the money! That is a famous line from a movie and while you may not be screaming that every time you write a blog post you may be wondering how to monetize your blog, right? Your blog is your company’s 24/7/365 calling card. It is where you share your expertise and your insight. It is the place you direct potential clients so they can see who you are and “hear” your tone.

Your blog also feeds new content to your website and that makes Google think you’re continually adding new content and that’s a great thing.

How To Monetize Your Blog

Here are a few ways you may be able to earn a little bit of money (in some cases, quite a bit of money) from your blog and that will help with the effort and time and, yes, money you put into it.

  • Affiliate marketing. You can be an Amazon affiliate and if you mention products in your blog post you can link to Amazon and potentially earn affiliate money. You could also partner with a business or a product or service provider who offers affiliate programs if you sell their programs or services.
  • You can sell advertising space on your site. Be aware that you will need to show a potential advertiser that you have the traffic to warrant their wanting to buy space on your site. Another way to sell ad space is to place ads on your site for products you endorse and you may earn a percentage of sales made when someone clicks on the ad on your site.
  • Write and sell ebooks. If you have an area of expertise that lends itself to books, write a few. Hire a ghostwriter to write them for you. The books don’t need to be long, short ebooks are popular. Ask us for information if you need a ghostwriter.
  • If you have a business model that lends itself to a membership site, sell paid membership plans. When you do this, you will need to offer the members perks they can’t get elsewhere, classes, downloads, online sessions with you, etc.
  • Write a sponsored blog post. Sometimes you may be approached by a brand who will pay you to write have one of their blog posts on your site. This is ideal if you agree with their product or service and their brand. For example if you write a vegetarian living blog, you won’t want to agree to a guest post on the merits of eating beef.

Have you ever looked into ways to make your blog “pay”? If so, how did it work out? What were your challenges? If you’re still searching for inspiration, reach out. We can help!


Why Are You Late?

Why Are You Late?

Some people who are always late will laugh it off and say it’s just a personality quirk or that “they’d be late to their own funeral.” Why are you late? That is something you need to look at and explore within yourself. It’s not a quirk, it’s not something that others find amusing — it is in fact a rude way in which to interact.

Whether you’re going to a family event or a work meeting or even showing up at work, are you late more often than not? Let’s kick off 2020 with a plan to stop your tardy ways and be more on time.

Being punctual is something about which many people pride themselves. Being late is not something they would ever do. Yes, there are times when you just can’t avoid being late — there is an accident, or a fire or something beyond your control. More often than not, though, if you leave early you will arrive on time. If you know it will take thirty minutes to arrive somewhere — don’t leave at the thirty minute mark. Leave forty-five minutes before your appointment. Give yourself a cushion. Respect the time of others — that is the main point of this conversation.

Why are you late?

  • Does time truly get away from you?
  • Do you forget to write appointments down in your virtual or paper calendar?
  • Do you need to set a timer or alarm in order to get yourself to meetings on time?
  • Do you have an assistant who could be called upon to remind you of pending meetings and to get you out the door in time?
  • Do you honestly not want to be where you are supposed to? Look into your own procrastination for answers

Why Are You Late?

In the past being late was relegated to “artistic types” or “creatives” and that no longer flies. Regardless of your vocation or avocation, being punctual is respecting the time of others.

Here are tips you can implement into your life to assure you’re on time:

  1. Timers matter. It is easy to get so lost in a task that you honestly forget the time. To help prevent that from happening, set a timer thirty minutes before you need to leave. This will give you time to wrap up what you’re doing, visit the restroom, gather your stuff and leave on time.
  2. Plan your tasks accordingly. If you know you have a meeting soon, don’t get involved in a time-consuming task.
  3. Build in buffers. If you have calls that are scheduled for thirty minutes add a buffer before you have your next appointment. This will help you not feel rushed, help the person with whom you’re on the phone not feel rushed or short changed, and if you have additional time because of your buffer, get up and take a walk! Treat yourself.
  4. If you simply can’t, or won’t set a timer, ask someone to give you a reminder. As an adult, you should be able to set your own timer, but if you know you’ll ignore it, then ask for help.

Take time to really do some soul searching on why you’re late. Are you late to everything or to specific things (like the dentist or a meeting with a client with whom you’re not engaged?) If you know what you’re late for then you can find reasons for your tardiness then address it.

Do you struggle with time management or productivity or getting to appointments on time? If so, drop us a message and let’s get you accountable!