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Why Biz Owners Need To Practice Self Care

Why Biz Owners Need To Practice Self Care

No matter if you’re a long-time entrepreneur or a first time business owner or even a new work-from-home employee the coronavirus quarantine has shown us that we crave the company of humans. We also have come to understand more of why biz owners need to practice self care.

If you’re just getting out of bed, shuffling to the kitchen, then to the office and not getting fresh air or moving your body, you will get unhealthy and your business will suffer. You also don’t want to be an unhealthy employee and you want to be ready to go back to work when the opportunity arises, we have put together a list of self care items we enjoy.

How Coronavirus May Help Launch New Businesses

How Coronavirus May Help Launch New Businesses

Is this the time for you to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor you’ve always dreamed of? If you’ve been furloughed because of the coronavirus you may be eventually telling the tale of how coronavirus may help launch new businesses and you could be among one of those who flourished during the pandemic.

How many times have you wondered about being your own boss? How often have you wished you could work from home and pursue your passion? Why not do that right now while you’re forced to stay home and may not be working. Don’t squander this time.

 How Coronavirus May Help Launch New Businesses

We know there are many people who will be launching blogs as a way to share what their new business is all about. We have tips on how your blog can enhance your business growth efforts.

  1. Find a niche. You can’t be everything to everyone. Narrow your niche and focus all your efforts there. Know whom you want to serve, why and how your product or service will address a pain point they are experiencing.
  2. Talk with us or another service provider and find out the best platform for you website and blog. There are many to choose from just as there are many domain name sellers from which to choose.
  3. Speaking of domain names… grab yours.
  4. If you want to make money through your blog, how will you do that? Check out sponsorship opportunities and look for ways to monetize the site itself to enhance the income from your product or service.
  5. Set up your social media platforms. Once you have written a blog post, share it there.
  6. Don’t forget to consider your branding. What colors to you like? How do you want your brand to appear — fun, professional, a combination? When someone sees your colors or logo will they know what you do or will they be left scratching their heads wondering if you’re a fit for them.

A blog is a great way to market essentially for free, your new business idea. Make the most of this time as it may never (hopefully) happen again. Don’t go back to work wondering what might have been.


How To Be An Effective Remote Worker

How To Be An Effective Remote Worker

Now that you’re a remote employee, a work from home individual, how much do you enjoy it? Some people truly do not function well on their own; they enjoy the company of their co-workers and the almost constant hum of conversation and computers in the office. How to be an effective remote worker may not be something you’d thought of, but there are tips and tricks to make the workday productive and to help separate home from work.

When you don’t have a commute from the office to the home and a chance to decompress and get your head around the idea that the workday is done and now your home awaits.

How To Be An Effective Remote Worker

We have always had a remote workforce and our team understands the importance of communication, productivity and effective workflows. If you’re new to working from home, it’s easy to procrastinate, watch television and walk the dog — a LOT. During the COVID-19 quarantine chances are you’re not having coffee dates or lunches out with friends, but that doesn’t mean you’re working effectively.

Here are our tips.

  1. Get dressed. It is easy and there are a lot of memes about having your “sleeping pajamas” and your “working pajamas.” You don’t have to dress as fully in office wear if you don’t want, but brush your hair and your teeth, put on pants and a shirt or blouse. Take your work as seriously from home as you would at the office.
  2. Be aware of your background if you’re on a video call. Do you want your team to see your bedroom or your messy office? Check your view and make sure it’s a good one. If you simply have no choice over the view, upload a photo background.
  3. Separate work from home. When you’re at work — even if it’s in the corner of your bedroom, that is work time. When you take a lunch break, get out of the bedroom office and step away from the computer. Eat lunch in a different room. Once work is over put a routine in place that will help you “shut the door” on work and get back into your home life.

Working from home may have seemed like a dream come true, but many people are missing the routine of getting out and going to work. Is that you? Are you struggling with accountability, productivity and efficiency? If so, drop us a message and let’s talk.


Why Customer Service Matters More Now

Why Customer Service Matters More Now

Coronavirus has brought about many changes in the business world. Many businesses won’t survive the pandemic and the forced closure of their businesses and this is why customer service matters more now than ever.

Simply touting, “We’re the best!” “We care about our customers!” and “Our customer service cannot be rivaled!” are just words. What business owner wouldn’t say that? What customer would buy from someone who didn’t promise all of that and then some?

What you need to do is SHOW your customer how you’re better, bigger, faster… you get the picture. You certainly don’t want your customer to come to you because “you’re the cheapest game in town” right? Selling on the cheapest price isn’t a great strategy!

You need to be: consistent, memorable and unique.

Why Customer Service Matters More Now

  1. Professionalism matters — but be authentic. Don’t bad mouth the competition. Don’t neglect to return phone calls or answer questions. Don’t show up late for meetings or phone calls. Even if you work in a relaxed or creative or outdoor business — dress appropriately. Swimming pool contractors should show up dressed in a company uniform — not cut offs and t-shirts.
  2. Build community. Stay connected with your customers and engage with them outside of the sales process.
  3. Be positive. Even if you’re going to miss a deadline, set the tone for the expectation early and don’t lay the blame on another team member. You’re the company owner, it’s all on your shoulders.

Don’t take your customer’s money, then not talk with them until you deliver the product or project. Stay in touch — email, phone call, text — whatever you need to in order to keep them from having buyer’s remorse. Remember, you’re in it for the long run and that means fostering a good relationship.