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3 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Client

3 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Client

If you had to stand up in a networking event and announce who your ideal client is, could you do it? If you have to think about it or if you say, “everyone is my ideal client,” then read on. Rex Richard offers 3 tips for finding your ideal client because you need to narrow your niche and focus your expertise on that niche, first.

To find an ideal client:

  1. Consider who you want to work with
  2. Who you don’t
  3. What kind of work you want to do
  4. What kind you don’t
  5. Do you have a passion for one industry over another?

Answer those questions and you will be on your way to narrowing your ideal client down.

3 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Client

Once you’ve decided who they are, here is how to reach them.

  • Tell your business story. What makes you unique? What unique insight do you bring to what you do? Use your story to connect with potential clients and as a way to tell what you do without being overly salesy
  • What do you have that the competition doesn’t? What are your unique goods or services? What is your unique selling proposition aka USP? Know this and you can determine your ideal client — it’s the person for whom you can address a pain point with your goods or services
  • Delve into your current client base and notice any similarities. Notice whether you have clients that just don’t fit and ask yourself why you’re sticking with them? There could be definite reasons you are, but only you know. What are common characteristics your clients — share? This could put you on the path of understanding who your ideal client is

After you’ve uncovered your ideal client, you can focus your marketing and your efforts on that niche. You may find that once you have a niche you will begin thriving. For example, I have focused my business expertise on swimming pool construction and swimming pool service clients. Why? Because that is my area of expertise. What’s yours?