Tips to grow your social media circles

    Regardless of the type of business endeavor you’re involved in, you need to harness the power of social media whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or industry specific social media sites. Simply building the page isn’t enough; you need to gather quality followers, but how do you do that?

    We offer these tips to help you grow your social media following:

    • Include links to your social media sites in your email signature. This simple action could garner you more followers.
    • Include your social media “handles” on all of your collateral materials. Include words such as: Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, etc./
    • Make a video. You’ve likely heard the term “going viral” and what this means is that you make a video that captures enough attention to your social media sites.
    • You only have to ask! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will need to simply ask people to like and/or follow you. Harness the power of suggestion and return the favor.
    • Grab a QR code for your business, put it on your business cards, advertisements and your collateral materials. This may garner you more likes and follows.
    • Make it easy for people to like you! Put a box on your website that is easy to find and extremely visible. Don’t make people search around for Like buttons.
    • Make certain you produce quality content. Your followers and friends won’t want to read constant advertising pitches. Offer news they can use and relate to.

    What tips do you have to grow your social media followers?

    Network Your Way To Business Success

    Networking is as crucial to your business success as it providing quality goods and services. While it may take a few networking events or follow up meetings with potential clients, the fruits of your labor will eventually pay off.

    Business owners are faced with myriad tasks on a daily basis, but you need to make certain that while you’re making your weekly to-do list that you add networking into the schedule. You may say you don’t have time to leave the office, but truthfully, you can’t afford not network. Being a business owner means you will need to perfect your elevator pitch and learn to be comfortable shaking hands and talking about your business.

    Here are steps to take to chase away nervous butterflies and make the most of your time at meet-and-greets:

    • Know who you want to meet at a particular event
    • Try not to leave a networking event unless you have three solid leads with whom you can follow up
    • If you know someone at the meeting, ask him or her for an introduction to someone you don’t know. Your networking efforts will be for naught if you only interact with people you already know. Networking is about growing your contacts

    Follow up is crucial. Don’t let more than three days pass before you contact the people you met at the networking meeting.

    10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

    In light of the recent recession, more and more individuals are turning to entrepreneurship as a way to not only survive, but to thrive.

    Here are some of my favorite marketing tips for small business owners:

    1.  Build a blog and start blogging
    2. Network through social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and sites related to your specific industry
    3. Make use of direct mail campaigns
    4. Send out e-newsletters to clients and prospects
    5. Issue press releases when you’re company meets a milestone
    6. Get involved in the community. Become a sponsor of an event or fundraise for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart
    7. Target your audience with care and network at events where you’ll be most likely to meet potential clients
    8. Offer a free gift or free report through your website as an enticement for individuals to sign up to your newsletter
    9. Be open to feedback from your clients
    10. “Reward” clients that refer you to other clients. Word of mouth is the best advertising available

    We’re sure you have other ways in which to network and grow your business. We’d love to hear what they are.

    How To Be An Effective Networker

    You’ve heard it before… to grow your business you need to network. Networking, though is more than attending a meeting, shaking a few hands and handing out a business card; effective networking involves building relationships with the individuals you meet at networking events.

    Here are five ways to enhance the time you spend at networking events:

    1.  Preparation counts. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know who you need to connect with. Network at events where your potential clients gather.
    2. Show an interest. Yes, you’re at a networking event to build your circle of clients and connections, but you’re there to build relationships. Take an interest in the people with whom you’re interacting.
    3. Engage in meaningful conversations. Keep up on current events so when you’re networking you can talk about more than the weather. Be the witty conversationalist that people want to spend more time with.
    4. You’re there to make connections, not sell a product or service. A networking event is not the time to work on closing the deal. It’s the time to make enough of a connection with someone that you will have a follow up meeting to discuss how you can be of mutual assistance.
    5. Follow up is crucial. Strike while the iron is hot. Once you’ve met a prospect, make certain you follow up. Set up a time to meet for coffee to further your discussion. Make certain you have a set of follow up tools – ie, newsletters, email contact, greeting cards, etc.

    Networking is an art and a skill that can, and must be, learned if you want to remain successful in your career.


    Do You Make Time For Yourself?

    Entrepreneurs know that working long hours can lead to burnout. It doesn’t matter whether you work outside of the home, are self employed or commute to your home office, there comes a point in every day that you need to step away from the tasks at hand and take a mental health break and give your mental batteries time to recharge.

    For many people, the idea of self care doesn’t figure into their every day work life and they feel selfish if they even give a thought to taking a few hours, let alone a weekend, off from work. Your mind and body will thank you though if you take a break. Remember, at the end of the day it’s your friends and family that should be your priority, not your career.

    If there are days when you feel as though your life is spinning out of control it could be your brain’s way of telling you to take a breath, step back and reassess what’s happening. You need to learn to not always put others’ needs ahead of your own.

    Maybe all you need to do is to take a step back and ask yourself whether you feel you not only need, but deserve a little time off. Do you think you’d be more productive once you’re done with your time away? Will taking a step back help bring joy back into your other everyday activities? What will you lose if you take a day or an hour off from work?

    If you come up with answers to these questions and realize that stepping away for a short time won’t negatively impact your business and could positively impact your life, you’ll see that taking care of yourself should be a priority. Begin with baby steps – a 15-minute break here or 30-minutes there. Work your way up to the hours at a time, or a day or two off. Your physical and mental health will benefit when you make time for yourself.