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Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

Are some individuals “born” entrepreneurs? Maybe, but maybe not. There are business owners out there who have no family role models to emulate who are successful business owners. There are other individuals who come from a long line of entrepreneurs and who are happy being an employee. Whether you’re born into it or take to business ownership naturally, here are some signs you may want to consider to see if you might be an entrepreneur:

  1. You’re always looking for a way to build a better widget.
  2. You have confidence and get the job done even if it looks like nothing is going right. entrepreneur
  3. You have passion to pursue what you love.
  4. Taking “no” for an answer isn’t in your nature.
  5. You are a connector and can connect individuals from disparate industries and find synergy.
  6. You’ve always wanted a commute in which you could wear your bedroom slippers!
  7. You simply were not a good employee. You know who you are if you fit that description. You were bored. Couldn’t hold a job. Moved from position to position. It was because you had the entrepreneurial spirit and probably didn’t even know it.


If you’re struggling to find your place with your employer, perhaps your place is being your own boss!
Do You Offer Workplace Coaching?

Do You Offer Workplace Coaching?

Business owners are faced with many demands and with competing tasks that need to be performed and finished. Right. Now! We know. We also know that if you have a staff who is competent and engaged in your endeavors you need to work with them to provide coaching and encouragement and assurance that you’re all working toward the same goal. Your success is their success and vice versa.

To effectively coach your employees you will need to formulate questions and provide opportunities for your employees to engage. Empowering your staff– whether on site or virtual means providing them the tools to not only perform their tasks but to feel free to meet with you if they need resources or assistance.

Here are some ideas you may want to implement for your workplace coaching sessions: employee coaching

  • Approach the delegation of tasks as an opportunity to offer customized opportunities for staff to show you what additional skills they may have.
  • Don’t assume that your staff knows — or doesn’t know — something. Approach your meetings with an open mind and without assumptions.
  • Make yourself available to your staff for regular meetings and phone calls and let them know when you have open office hours for anything that comes up between regularly scheduled meetings.
  • If there have been major changes in the workplace or workforce, plan for debriefing sessions. These are also ideal once a major project has been completed. Talk about what worked, what didn’t and what everyone learned.
  • Make certain your staff knows they have your blessing to do peer coaching. It has to be a two way street between the coacher and the coachee. This is a great way for your staff to grow and learn from one another.

How well-defined is your employee coaching? Do you think your employees need more, or less, from you than they are receiving?



Is Co-Working For You?

Is Co-Working For You?

Co-working or co-work spaces are becoming one of the latest buzzwords and ways of work in many industries. Co-working spaces are those areas in which entrepreneurs gather to work. It is a way to get a space outside of a home office and it also offers the feeling of “working with a team” or in a team environment even though all who use the co-working spaces are pursuing their own business endeavors.

When you’re trying to decide if co-working is an option for you here are some items to consider.

  • Ask what amenities the co-working space provides. Some offer a kitchen space, access to internet, a meeting room or two, office equipment and private offices.
  • Do you often need a place to meet customers and you don’t want them to come to your home or you’re looking to elevate your business profile to one that is more professional than meeting at the local Starbucks? Then a co-working space might be for you.
  • Do you have to make a long term commitment or can you drop by and pay a rental fee and have a space for a day?Picture2
  • Are you looking for ways to grow your own business network? A co-working environment might offer that. Remember, though the individuals at the co-working space might just be there to work without the distractions of a coffee shop or their house and may not be amenable to chatting and networking.
  • Look for a co-working space that fits your personality and your work style. Some may be loud and the look industrial. Others may have a more corporate look and feel that may not mesh with your creative, artsy business.

Before you make a commitment to a co-working space, check it out for a day. Ask what the ongoing fees are and whether it’s less expensive to pre-pay. Do you have to pay for any of the amenities – making copies, having coffee, using the internet, etc. As with anything you do in your business, prior research makes sense so you can discover whether it’s a fit for you and your unique business.

What Do Business Start-Ups Need?

What Do Business Start-Ups Need?

When starting a business, naturally you need drive and a “great idea.” You also need other items such as resources and the ability to push through the negatives that pop up. You have to know how to make a sale but before that you need to know what you’re selling, to whom and why your ideal client wants what you’re offering and where to find them.

What can you do to help assure your success as an entrepreneur? Here are some things to consider:

  1. You need to have focus.
  2. You need to be willing to take the baby steps necessary toward the large leadership
  3. You have to know how to set realistic goals and what tasks you need to complete to achieve those goals.
  4. You need to have financial resources in place to support yourself during what could be lean start up times.
  5. You should have access to a mentor or a support group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are as committed to your success as you are to theirs. Do not operate in a vacuum.

Look at your resources before you make the leap into being a business owner. Some of the resources are tangible and others are “idea driven” resources. We offer a membership to the Pool Genius Academy in which we host weekly Pool Genius Academy webinars aimed at growing your business. Check it out here.