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Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

How can you motivate your team and employees to keep them better engaged and more loyal to the company? By offering ongoing training and coaching. Don’t wait for a specific moment in time or until you invest in a training program – open yourself and offer your skills on an ongoing basis to your team. Do you motivate and coach your team? If not, why not? If you are, congratulations!

When your team knows you’re providing impromptu coaching and training they will be eager to learn and their value to your company skyrockets.

Even if you have a competent – and why wouldn’t you – the staff there is always room for learning and growth and if you’re providing that they just might stick around. Don’t fall into the mindset that if you train them, they will learn and leave. Be confident in what you offer that they will, indeed stay and the coaching you provide only enhances their value to your company.

Do You Motivate And Coach Your Team?

Empower your staff to learn. Whether they learn on-site or online if they come to you with an opportunity to learn and if it will enhance their value and the skills they bring to the job then say, yes!

Why should you implement workplace training and coaching?

  1. Don’t assume what your staff knows or doesn’t know. Ask them to outline their unique skills and talents. You may have a talented staff member in a position that isn’t challenging him or her and you may want to move them into a position that better suits them and the company
  2. When you’re delegating tasks, use that as an opportunity to provide customized staff training opportunities
  3. Has there been a major shakeup in staff? Before simply sliding the next person in line into a vacant position, open the opportunity to others who may want to prove their mettle and grow in the company with new responsibility
  4. Tell your staff that you’re open to their learning new skills. Tell them to let you know what they want to learn and why and how it will help them in their current position
  5. Keep the door open for coaching and training. Let your employees grow and excel by offering them new opportunities to show you just how great they are
How To Put Out Work Fires

How To Put Out Work Fires

How To Put Out Work Fires

Do you find yourself continually being the go-between with your staff and vendors or contractors? Do you ever wonder how to put out work fires so they don’t reignite and so everyone can move forward? If the fires are between what your company and staff are delivering and customer expectations, the fires need to be extinguished and new ground planted.

Here are tips to put out fires and be more productive:

  1. Know what your customers expect. You may believe you’re delivering Product A, but your customer was expecting Service B. If these expectations don’t mesh you will be in continual fire mode. Communicate so everyone is on the same page.
  2. Offer support. If your staff is struggling to meet customer expectations and demands, it might be time for you to step in and mediate. Ask your employee what they feel the issue is then take steps to resolve the miscommunication between staff and customers.
  3. Resolve problems. Don’t let problems linger on the hope they will resolve themselves. That rarely happens.
  4. Talk with your customer. Have a sit down — virtual or in person — and attempt to get to the bottom of the problem. Be aware that it could simply be that your customer and the employee working with him just don’t mesh and never will. Cut your losses and give your customer to a different employee to help provide your service. Talk with your employees first so they are on the same page. It’s not a punishment it’s an attempt to put out that fire.

If you have to spend your days being a firefighter, your own work will fall to the wayside. Step in and resolve issues before they become blazing infernos.

How have you handled work fires at your location?