Is your business relevant? Did your business thrive or suffer during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic? As we saw some businesses — restaurants suffered. Other businesses — online shopping and delivery and food delivery — thrived. If 2020 taught us nothing it’s that we need to pivot and stay flexible. We have put together this list of 5 ways to keep your business relevant.

Rex Richard works with business owners, many in the pool industry (and this is a thriving industry because of the pandemic!) to help them grow and thrive. To stay relevant you need to stay top of mind and front of mind. But how?

5 Ways To Keep Your Business Relevant

Here are ways in which we have found to help our clients keep their eyes on the prize — continued entrepreneurship while remaining true to themselves and their business mission and vision.

  • Believe in yourself. You need to believe in yourself, your business and the goods or services you provide because if you don’t, why would a client?
  • Work through fear. We know that every day can bring fear with it, but you need to face it down and push through. Will you fail? You might? Should you give up? Not if you want to be an entrepreneur. Get up. Dust yourself off. Figure out what happened. Start again.
  • Just make a decision. If you keep weighing the pros and cons (and yes, you do need to do that) too long you will be weighed down with the emotional stress of not having made a decision. When you procrastinate you kill your motivation.
  • Be true to your word and be ethical in all your dealings. If your reputation suffers it will be difficult, if not impossible to rebound. Know what boundaries you won’t cross. Never waver in your ethics.
  • Take care of your physical and mental health. Take breaks. Eat well. Get out and enjoy nature. Take time to be with friends and family.

What can your business do to remain on top? Did you suffer during the pandemic and are you still trying to recover? Reach out. We can help.

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