Here it is. The time of year when my clients and friends and family decide that what they did the past year wasn’t good enough and in order to be happy in 2022 they need to change almost everything. They sit down and write down resolutions that are impossible to keep because they’re impossibly vague, too overarching and aren’t based in reality. I have 5 ways to succeed in 2022 and they involve being true to yourself.

I am a believer in visualization. Visualize your success. Visualize what you hope will happen, how you want to make it happen and then write down how to make it happen. Before you do that though you should look back at the resolutions or goals you’ve previously set and see why, if they didn’t, manifest. Did you not visualize them? Did you not have the infrastructure in place to make it a reality? Before you move forward you need to reflect backward.

5 Ways To Succeed In 2022

  1. Write. It/Them. Down! I cannot stress this enough. Don’t let your goals be vague. Get them out of your head and down on paper because then you can see them — visualize them — and come up with a plan to make them a reality.
  2. Just make a decision. You can lose opportunities when you don’t move on them. If you’re going to make a mistake you will make it today or you will make it a month from now. Make it, learn from it then move on from it.
  3. Remember…the customer is NOT always right. For example if you offer XYZ and you’re great it and a customer insists that you start doing ABC, don’t. They’re not right in getting you to pivot and offer something that may be outside of your core competency. Also, if you have a customer who is rude or is never happy or treats your staff poorly, it’s time to cut ties. That negative energy will drain you and everyone around you.
  4. There isn’t a true thing as a work-life balance and I say that because if your’e at work, you’re at work. If you’re at home, you’re at home. What you need to do is plan for both so you’re having a balance that makes you happy.
  5. Be positive. A good attitude can flip the switch on a bad day to a good day. I am not saying to push all negative feelings under the rug, what I am saying is to embrace your good and when bad comes up, look at it determine the how and why and move on.

Rex Richard – Founder and CEO, Peak Dynamics LLC Innovator, WordPress and Multisite “Niche Market Master”, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur.