Have you ever wondered how to become a better public speaker? Do you go to networking events and listen to colleagues regale the audience with stories and share their unique knowledge and wondered, “how can I do that?” Public speaking is a matter of knowing your stuff and understanding how to deliver it to an audience in a concise manner while making it both entertaining and useful.

How To Become A Better Public Speaker

  1. Practice. Don’t imagine that the great orators of our time simply took to the podium and were stellar speakers. Sure, some of them might be able to deliver a moving speech or lead a networking event with no preparation, but for the rest of us mortals, we need to practice. Write your speech then read it through several times a day before you deliver it. Read snippets of it aloud. Stand in front of a mirror and read it. Once you’re comfortable with the content, then deliver it without reading. Notice how the best speakers rarely resort to reading notes.
  2. Change your mindset from one of fear to one of knowledge and power. YOU are helping your audience and that is empowering. Focus on your experience and unique expertise.
  3. Welcome everyone to your session. Walk around the front of the room, make eye contact, offer up a “good morning” or a “good afternoon.” This relaxes both you and the group. Make a connection with the audience.
  4. If you’re anxious and have sweaty palms, take some deep breaths. Get up and move. Don’t sit in a chair and let anxiety take over. Move around and walk it out.
  5. Remember, everyone gets the pre-speach jitters. It’s normal and natural.

Do you seek out speaking opportunities? When is the last time you gave a presentation to a group? If you have always wanted to speak, but haven’t, what’s stopping you? I’d love to know.

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