Do you keep to yourself at networking events? Do you find it difficult to “toot your own horn” and share your accomplishments with peers? If you said yes to either, you need to work on ways to boost your business confidence. Walking into a meeting with a confident swagger and a firm handshake will not only make you appear confident but could instill confidence in a potential client and make them want to work with you!

How can you boost your confidence? Here are some tips: Picture3

  • Know what your area of expertise is and own it. Success isn’t just because you’re in the right place at the right time (yes, for some it might be, but for most it’s hard work that elevates us).
  • You don’t have to be perfect. If you offer a deliverable to a client and he asks for a tweak or two that doesn’t mean he didn’t like what your proffered, it just meant he wanted a tweak.
  • It’s all right to be afraid. We all get nervous on occasion and that’s fine. That’s normal. The most confident of people do something that scares them every week. Why? Because they challenge themselves. They aren’t complacent. Embrace the fear and conquer it.
  • If you find that you’re not confident on a product or service that you’re offering, take a step back and figure out why. Do you need more information or training? Reach out and get it. There is no reason you can’t take an online course to bump up your skills.
  • Make certain the goals you set are achievable. Yes, it’s good to push yourself, but if you’re pushing beyond a limit of what you can ever hope to achieve or accomplish, scale them back. Don’t coast, but set goals you can meet.

What holds you back from being the most confident business person you can be?

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