When I coach wtih business clients, they sometimes tell me that they know they should be blogging but they just don’t know how or where to start. I uncover that for many, there is a fear of blogging and that is what makes them procrastinate. Here are some ways to break through your fear of blogging and get on a regular schedule for your business.

Your potential clients will thank you for sharing your unique expertise with them on your blog posts.

Break Through Your Fear Of Blogging

  • ¬†Understand your niche. If you narrow down your niche you can focus your efforts and truly impart the knowledge your clients and your ideal customers need.
  • Know your blogging objectives and put metrics in place to help ascertain whether you are being a blogging “success.” Remember, it won’t happen overnight — blogging success or blogging traffic. Give yourself a deadline for trying your hand at blogging them track your metrics at the end of that time. You will need to know whether you’re looking to make sales, get comments, drive people to your social media pages for likes and comments or get them to sign up for your newsletter. If you don’t know your goal, you won’t be able to measure success.
  • Realize that “not everyone is looking at you.” What we mean by that is that sometimes bloggers feel self conscious — like everyone is staring. They get social anxiety when their finger is hovering above the “publish” key. If you’ve researched your topic, stayed on topic, have shared quality and relevant information you have nothing about which to be anxious. Also, remember, everyone makes mistakes and typos. If you look at your post later and discover one — change it then re-publish. Viola! Problem solved.

What’s preventing you from blogging or from blogging regularly? What roadblocks are you putting in your own path to blogging success? Let’s talk, during a coaching session and break through the blogging writers’ block you might be experiencing.


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