Many entrepreneurs find their personal and their private lives and their relationships suffer when they jump into business ownership. Can you have a business and a life? You can. It’s all about balance and that is hard to master when you’re just starting out — especially if you’re going it alone.

Balance in all things is necessary to keep your business up and running. You need to work on the business, but you need to take care of yourself. If your health suffers, the business will suffer. It may take time and planning to “have it all” but it can be done!

Can You Have A Business And A Life?

  1. Keep the drama to a minimum. Yes, there will be drama and a roller coaster feel to any start up. Don’t pull your significant other into it, unless it’s necessary. Yes, you want to share. Yes, you want to ask for help, but don’t drag them onto every piece of the roller coast ride that is entrepreneurship unless they’ve asked to accompany you.
  2. Find a dedicated space for your work and your business. If you don’t have space in your home for a dedicated office, you need to at least conduct your business where you’re not on the path of every day life. If your kitchen table is your command center during the day but it’s dinner table and homework central at night, you need to pick up your business and move it to a different location when the next “shift” starts.
  3. Spend time together that has nothing to do with business. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t talk about work. Enjoy each other’s company and keep work at bay.
  4. Be in the moment. Just as you need to spend time together, you also need to be in the moment when you’re with your significant other and friends and family.
  5. Keep business and family finances separate. This is likely an IRS rule as well as a good rule of thumb. Don’t drain the family grocery budget because you need printer ink.
  6. Give yourself a paycheck from the business. You need to feel as though you’re a contributing member of the family and a paycheck will give you faith in your business and to keep moving forward.
  7. Don’t make major purchases or investments without talking to your significant other about it. If you’re committing to a one year lease on an office or buying a majore piece of equipment even though it’s a business expense, it may impact your home life — talk about it.

It is more than possible to be a successful business owner and have a life. How can we help you cultivate a healthy balance?

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