Are you a reader of self-help books? Do you find they truly help you or once you’re done reading them do you think, “I already knew that!”? Here are some thoughts I have had about my reading of self help books, so much of it is common sense and this is what I have gleaned in my years of reading:

    • Set realistic goals. If you’ve had a “bad” habit for years, you won’t be able to change it overnight. Not achieving a goal may make you get disenchanted and stop your forward momentum.
    • Commit to your goal for at least 21 days — that’s the length of time that the experts tell us it takes to make a new habit stick.
    • Believe in yourself and the goal you’ve set. If you’re simply setting a goal because you feel you need to, your heart isn’t in it.
    • Find a friend or trusted colleague in whom you can confide your goal and help keep you accountable.
    • Break your goal down into manageable chunks. If you have more than one goal to reach, take baby steps to get there.

    What is your next goal and how will you achieve it?

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