As entrepreneurs we know that not every task we perform is fun or sexy, right? Maybe not, but they are necessary for business growth, forward momentum and success! Here are some essential business tasks that entrepeneurs need to tackle whether we want to or not!

    Essential Business Tasks

    If you can delegate any of these tasks, then you should. Remember, you are the brains and the brawn behind your business. Delegate those items that don’t require your unique expertise to accomplish.

    1. Be the company sales man. Sure, you can hire sales people, but when you’re just opening the doors, YOU are the sales man that needs to be out there pounding the pavement, shaking hands and making sales. You know the best way to share your company message and you are the best and most knowledgeable person on the team, right? Once you’ve grown enough to bring on a team, you can share with them your experience on what worked, and what didn’t when you were out making sales.
    2. Send out invoices and pay the bills. When you’re a fledgling business you want to know what kind of money is coming in and what’s going out. What better way to do that than to be involved in the day to day collection of payments and paying of bills?
    3. Setting up business systems. Your systems can change and morph as the business grows, but when you’re starting out, set up systems that make sense to you and tweak them as you grow.
    4. Communicating with your team and your clients. Remember, take care of your clients, especially those who came on board when you were starting out. Thank them for sticking with you by offering stellar customer service.
    5. Go to work. It is easy to sit back and think, “I’m the boss, I don’t have to go to work if I don’t want.” That certainly is one of the benefits of being the boss, but that can backfire and you could lose your momentum and not make a profit. Be passionate about what you do and show up.

    What are some tasks that you consider essential to your business?

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