Are extroverts better entrepreneurs? The word “better” may be misleading because introverts are GREAT entrepeneurs, but their business style is different than the business style of an extrovert. The world goes around with extroverts and introverts and you may find your business thriving if you bring in others who balance your innate tendency.

Are Extroverts Better Entrepreneurs?

  1. Extroverts may be able to cast a wider net for networking opportunities and for potential clients. Simply because extroverts like to be out and about and talk with strangers, they may have access to more clients than an introvert.
  2. They may find it easier to strike up a conversation with strangers which could lead to business conversations.
  3. They interact with their team, probably more regularly.
  4. They just may be more charismatic than their introverted counterparts. You can read this as “life of the party.”

What benefits to introverts bring to the table?

  1. They are focused. They rarely get off track when pursuing a goal.
  2. The relationships they build are constructed over the long term.
  3. They may be more niched and this could enhance their expertise.

When building a team, fill it with both extroverts and introverts and you will have a well-rounded workforce that will benefit your business as well as your clients.

Note that it’s rare to find an entrepreneur who is 100% introvert or 100% extrovert. Most every person is a mixture of both while most people also lean more toward one or the other. Ambiverts are those individuals who can thrive in a crowded networking event for a time, then will head back to the office to recharge their mental batteries.

Which are you? Extrovert? Introvert? A little of both — an ambivert? Do you know yourself well enough to know which spectrum you fall into and what do you do to enhance your natural tendencies and make your business a success? We’d love to know.


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