Being authentic. It’s become a buzzword in business circles. I have always been who I am. What you see is what you get. Being authentic is nothing new to me, nor in my business. You can grow your business by being authentic, but it needs to be honest as well as authentic. If you’re sharing a story, just to share a story or you’re trying to fit in because you’re now sharing a story — you’re not being authentic.

    Why do people try to fit in rather than be themselves and be authentic, even if it means standing out? 

    We want to be accepted. We don’t want to be shunned for being “different.” Society pressures people to believe that conforming is the way to go.

    If everyone thought the same way would we have seen the advances in technology and science that we have? Probably not. There might not be any significant differences or any people who stand out because they were afraid of being called “different.” It is those people who stand alone and stand up for their ideas and ideals that open our minds to possibilities!

    Being authentic and unique is a personal goal of mine. Am I an introvert? Yes. Do I suffer from ADD — yes. I thrive on research and devour data. I spend a lot of time in introspection and it is then that I come up with my best ideas. I am empathetic to the emotions of others and that makes it uncomfortable for me to be in large group settings.

     Grow Your Business By Being Authentic

    I know myself well enough to be authentic while still being able to function and grow many thriving businesses. I speak at conferences many times a year and am out of my element, but I have enough information and knowledge to share and am my authentic self while doing so that my stage fright is negligible.

    After I’ve been on stage or surrounded by people, I get away and hike through the mountains, I go sailing, I walk in the desert.

    Being authentic means you’re authentic in business and in life.

    Are you being your authentic self? Reach out to me. Let’s talk! 


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