Coronavirus is leading to the shut down of many businesses not deemed “essential.” If you’re now working remotely and if you want to find a way to keep in touch with current clients and perhaps reach a new audience of clientele, why not take to online meetings. We have tips for how to host networking meetings online during coronavirus shut down.

    Planning an online meeting isn’t difficult, nor should it be, but you will want to take a few steps and have a strategy in place to get the most out of it. When you’re planning an online meeting or webinar you will need to market it in advance, get sign ups and then follow up after the meeting has ended.

    Host Networking Meetings Online During Coronavirus Shut Down

    Here are ways to “fill the seats” at your webinar

    1. Prepare a pre-event email campaign. How will people know you’re hosting an event if you don’t do pre-promotion? They won’t! Plan a launch campaign. The first message could be a tease – a “save the date” as it were.
    2. After they have saved the date you will want to reach out again and give them a sample of what they will see, hear or learn during the event.
    3. Offer up some behind the scenes, or teaser handouts. Get them interested and they will sign up.
    4. Let them know what they will learn – in other words what is their ROI for giving you some of their time.
    5. Give them an exclusive offer. This should be in the email invitation. Let them know what they will get: early bird tickets, deeply discounted merchandise, insider information, pre-launch insight, free bonus merch just for being there live
    6. Urge your subscribers to forward your message to colleagues they believe will benefit from your webinar
    7. Invite potential attendees to write and ask you if they have any questions or want clarification.
    8. As the date approaches, send reminder emails to those who still haven’t signed up AND send emails to those who have registered to keep the excitement high.
    9. If you’re having guest speakers, urge them to share the invitation with their list.
    10. Promote the speakers in your email campaign

    Finally, send a follow up. If you offered a time sensitive discount, remind them of the ticking time clock and build the sense of urgency.

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