How can you be outstanding (out standing!) in your field? You need to leverage your uniqueness. Don’t let what makes you, you be invisible. You don’t need to fit in in order to succeed in your chosen business path. Even the most staid industry — attorney or accountant, for example — can leverage the uniqueness of the business owner to set themselves apart from the competition. How can you use your uniqueness to find the clients you want?

I know many business owners want to fit in and they sometimes don’t show the world who they are, who they can be and why you should work with them. Don’t be dragged down by societal pressure to conform. Your ideal client will find you and be drawn to your uniqueness.

If everyone was the same, why would we consider them significant or a good fit for your business? What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Know it. Embrace it. Use it as a marketing tool. Those who thrive are those who are authentic and reveal themselves for who they are and that’s why we are drawn to them.

Rex Richard — I — may seem like I am the life of the party, especially if you see my social media posts, but I am quiet and an introvert and perhaps even “ADD.” In my business as a coach who works with entrepreneurs and business owners in the swimming pool industry, I delve into research and data. When I talk with my clients I am highly introspective. I may not be comfortable in large networking settings but I am an empath and can understand how others think and feel and can relate to them when we meet.

How Can You Use Your Uniqueness?

I am a highly sought-after speaker and can speak to large audiences and am able to project my voice, my thoughts and explain the benefits of the services and products I sell. Although I may feel awkward and even out of place when surrounded by people whom I don’t know well, I know I can work the room then go back and recharge my emotional batteries. I enjoy recharging through trips, alone or with a friend; I enjoy the mountains, the ocean and would rather be in the company of people whom I know well than spend time with strangers.

What does that have to do with being unique? It’s because I can relate to other empaths. I can connect on a deeper level with those who have the same sensitivity as I do. If I am forced to “be on stage” all the time, I will burn out emotionally and it will take a long, long time to recharge my batteries.

Remember, you’re special. You’re unique. Harness the power of your personality to attract those you want to interact with and it will almost naturally weed out those you don’t want to work with.

Don’t use your individuality as a weapon. Don’t use it to be crass and brash and injure the feelings of others. Don’t use your uniqueness to control or disrupt those who don’t agree with your point of view.

I may be quiet and introverted, but I love to help others and see them succeed. I spend dozens of hours on the phone, and in person in small groups or one on one with my clients. My spirit of giving is what sets me apart and energizes me.

Take time to assess your unique traits. What makes you, you? How much attention to you pay to what others think? If you’re not sure how to leverage your uniqueness, reach out to me, let’s talk.

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