Now that you’re a remote employee, a work from home individual, how much do you enjoy it? Some people truly do not function well on their own; they enjoy the company of their co-workers and the almost constant hum of conversation and computers in the office. How to be an effective remote worker may not be something you’d thought of, but there are tips and tricks to make the workday productive and to help separate home from work.

When you don’t have a commute from the office to the home and a chance to decompress and get your head around the idea that the workday is done and now your home awaits.

How To Be An Effective Remote Worker

We have always had a remote workforce and our team understands the importance of communication, productivity and effective workflows. If you’re new to working from home, it’s easy to procrastinate, watch television and walk the dog — a LOT. During the COVID-19 quarantine chances are you’re not having coffee dates or lunches out with friends, but that doesn’t mean you’re working effectively.

Here are our tips.

  1. Get dressed. It is easy and there are a lot of memes about having your “sleeping pajamas” and your “working pajamas.” You don’t have to dress as fully in office wear if you don’t want, but brush your hair and your teeth, put on pants and a shirt or blouse. Take your work as seriously from home as you would at the office.
  2. Be aware of your background if you’re on a video call. Do you want your team to see your bedroom or your messy office? Check your view and make sure it’s a good one. If you simply have no choice over the view, upload a photo background.
  3. Separate work from home. When you’re at work — even if it’s in the corner of your bedroom, that is work time. When you take a lunch break, get out of the bedroom office and step away from the computer. Eat lunch in a different room. Once work is over put a routine in place that will help you “shut the door” on work and get back into your home life.

Working from home may have seemed like a dream come true, but many people are missing the routine of getting out and going to work. Is that you? Are you struggling with accountability, productivity and efficiency? If so, drop us a message and let’s talk.


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