Entrepreneurs need to be productive and effective with how they spend their time. Finding how to be more productive when creating business content is one way a business owner can cut time and potentially save money. If you don’t want to, or aren’t ready yet, to outsource content creation we have come up with ways in which you can be more effective and efficient when creating content.

How To Be More Productive When Creating Business Content

  1. Write in batches. If you find you have an hour or two (we know, that might be funny) then create batches of content then. Don’t think you’re going to write one blog post a week and that you only do that one post. If you can find time to do more writing – batch writing – do that.
  2. Keep an idea notebook. Ideas will come to you when you’re least expecting them. Have a way to keep track of them. Write them down. Record them and send them as a message to yourself.
  3. Do you blog about holidays or do you have a product or service that lends itself to a holiday? If so, create your promotion calendar and add all your potential blog post topics there – an editorial calendar will be your best friend.
  4. Don’t get bogged down from writing by having to research. Set up a separate time for writing and a separate time for research. When you’re in the middle of a blog post and have to stop to research, chances are you will not get back to the post.
  5. Create a process that you can use again and again. Make a template for your blog posts then use a “fill in the blank” style when you are struck with a brilliant idea.
  6. Repurpose old content. Look at your old content and see if it can be repurposed and rewritten with updates.
  7. Schedule a specific time for blogging – don’t just hope it will happen.

If you need help with outsourcing your blogging and content creation, reach out to use, we can help. If you need insight and deeper advice on your blogging and content creation, let’s jump on a call.

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