Entrepreneurs need to know how to write. If you cannot write, or don’t want to write, you need to know how to hire a content writer for your business. If your career path is to be a writer we have tips on how to begin a writing career.

Knowing how to write and how to sell your services as a writer is a booming business. One of the main reasons we are seeing this boom is because new entrepreneurs are entering the market and need content — blogging, newsletters, social media posts — you name it. If you have a passion for words, can interview your clients, meet deadlines and want to jump into the content creation market, now might be the best time!

You will need to build a portfolio and find that first client who will give you a testimonial and sing your praises to your next client.

How To Begin A Writing Career

While some writers do just wake up and say, “I want to be a writer!” most writers for hire have been involved with words for many years. They are avid readers and writers. They have a journalism background or some other successes in penning fiction or nonfiction.

Here’s what you need to begin a writing career.

  1. You need to know how to write. You need to understand grammar. You need to be able to work to editorial guidelines if your client has them. Don’t rely upon Word or programs like Grammarly to “proofread” your content. You need to have those skills.
  2. Start your own blog. Your own sharing of blog content and your expertise with the written word will help you find clients.
  3. You need to be somewhat techy. You should know how to upload blog posts, add in images, understand newsletter delivery platforms, social media posting platforms and others. Take an online class and enhance your skills.
  4. Work on your portfolio. Your blog posts on your own site can be part of your portfolio. You can toot your own horn by the quality content you create. Find a client and offer a cut-rate price in return for a glowing recommendation. Don’t do this too many times — you’re trying to build a business after all.
  5. Study the experts. Network with other writers and find your niche.
  6. Set your pricing.
  7. Write a business plan.

Has being a writer been a dream of yours? What do you feel are your potential stumbling blocks? If you’re an entrepreneur, are you struggling to find a writer for your content? Reach out to us, we can help. 

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