When you’re talking to your potential clients, to current clients or even to your family are they hearing what you have to say? Are you listening to what they are telling you? You need to know how to communicate more effectively if you want to succeed in life and in business!

    Every one of us talks every day, but what are we saying? Who is listening and what message is getting through? As an entrepreneur, these are things you need to think about in order to move forward effectively.

    How To Communicate More Effectively

    Take some time and really think about how you’re communicating then take steps to make your conversations more powerful and meaningful.

    1. What is the person’s problem? Before you jump in with the solution you offer, take time to listen and see if your solution will address their problem. It may not. You can create common ground when you listen first and talk later. The person you’re speaking with wants to be heard and wants to tell you what their pain point is. If you do have a solution, offer it after they’ve had the chance to talk.
    2. Meet your clients where they are right now, but help them imagine where they could be with your help. What would their future look like after you’ve offered a solution? If they are mired in the minor details they may not see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Show them that light and let them know you care and can help.
    3. When you’re talking with someone or writing a blog post or newsletter, fous on “you” not “them” or “they.” When you use the pronoun, “you” it will cut to the heart of the person who’s reading your article and they may be able to see themselves in the pain point or in the solution you’re providing. Writing to “you” makes the words more personal and immediate.

     When you’re talking with people are you truly talking to or with them or are you talking at or over them? Pay attention to your communication style and see what might need to change in your communication methods. 

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