If you’ve been in business and online marketing for any length of time you will hear about how to effectively repurpose blog posts and some of them are great ideas, others aren’t worth the effort you will put into them. Your blog posts are your greatest source of marketing strategy inspiration. Your blog posts should be looked at as the hub of all your marketing.

A blog is the content from which all other content flows and grows. Create a great blog post and you will have an ideal tool for your entire marketing plan. Yes, your blog means that much.

How To Effectively Repurpose Blog Posts

When we say “repurpose” we don’t mean you go in and copy and paste the content and change the headline. You need to truly “repurpose” to make it effective. Here are our best strategies. When repurposing, check your Google Analytics and repurpose the posts that had the most traffic.

  1. Turn the blog post into a different medium. The blog could be a video with you sharing bullet points. It could be short audio. Turn the bullet points into images or memes. Take two posts that have similar content and put them into a long post — compounding — the high ranking posts with similar content makes that content seem more valuable to a reader.
  2. Look at your highest performers and turn them into a lead magnet. Building your email newsletter list should be a priority for 2021. A newsletter list is a business’s most valuable asset.
  3. Turn a post into an infographic. If you have a high performing post that has great bullet points that would lend themselves to an infographic, make one and share that out as new content or use as a lead magnet.
  4. Look at content and see if it lends itself to a guide or tutorial. If you have enough content that can build upon one another and be a valuable resource for potential or current clients, turn it into a video, audio or written tutorial or guide book.
  5. Post a snippet or a rewritten piece of your content onto other sites like EZine articles or Medium, to name two.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business will flourish if you add a blog component and then when you repurpose that content you will potentially see exponential growth. Reach out to Rex Richard and his team if you want to have a more robust blogging and marketing strategy or if you need help repurposing your current content.

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