Are you hearing crickets when you send out an e-newsletter or e-blast to your list? If that’s the case, why do you continue to send one? We have advice on how to get your emails opened and prompt action from the recipients.

We’ve talked in the past about how your list is one of your most important business assets. That is more true than ever with the coronavirus pandemic and the looming election taking up most of our social media feeds.

How To Get Your Emails Opened

If your open rates and click-through rates are low, try some of these steps to amp up the opens, clicks and follow through on your calls to action. Know that subject lines matter – this is the first impression someone on your list sees.

  1. Get noticed in the busy inbox. Your email subject line should be description enough to prompt action. If your subject line is boring or if it tells the entire story, why open? The subject line should be enough of an attention grabber that the recipient needs to know more.
  2. Does your content lend itself to statistics? “More then 80% of all businesses with mailing lists stay afloat!” (this is made up, but if you’re a business owner, wouldn’t you open it? Statistics also help build your credibility – a reader will think, “wow this person knows his stuff!”
  3. Don’t reuse a subject line. If you had a subject line that garnered eyes on the content and clicks, it may be tempting to repeat and reuse – don’t. Your readers will get onto you and eventually they won’t open.
  4. Show your personality. Speak right to the reader. Don’t offer your success in the subject line. “I used this and won the lottery!” Who cares. “If you use this you, too could win the lottery!” Well, now I am listening.
  5. FOMO is real. The fear of missing out, limited quantities, limited spaces and deadlines prompt action. Again, don’t overuse this because it’s like crying wolf. After a while, your FOMO headlines won’t prompt action – well maybe other than deleting it.

 Subject lines matter. Your content matters. Don’t use a sensational headline thinking that it will prompt an open and then give content that doesn’t match the headline. Bait and switch subject lines and content will see you in the trash can.

What are your open rates? What are you doing to build your list? If you need help, contact us today.  

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