We’ve all been there. We are looking forward to a seminar or a networking event and cannot wait to hear the information from the presenter… but then it all goes downhill. It is. BORING! Don’t let that be you or your presentation! How to give an engaging presentation: 5 tips is a must-read if we do say so ourselves.

    When you’re in front of a crowd and have been asked to speak or give a presentaiton you want to be memorable for all the right reasons — that you and your speech are interesting. You don’t want people to be bored and be remembered for that, right?

    How To Give An Engaging Presentation: 5 Tips

    1. Start with a story. Chances are, if you’re speaking, people know your name and have read your bio. You don’t need to start out with, “My name is John Smith and I’m here to talk to you about XYZ.” They know. that’s why they are there! Start with a story. “I’ve been in your shoes… I never thought I’d dig myself out BUT I did and you can too!? Be relatable and offer a solution to their pain point. Sharing a story draws them in and makes them feel like they are confidants.
    2. Talk about your project or solution. Offer insight into how this has worked for others. Social proof is crucial!
    3. Ask questions. Don’t be a lecturer. Be an interactive presenter. Ask them for comments, questions, insights into their own lives and issues. Give them “tasks.”
    4. Don’t make your slides be loaded with words. Use a key word or two and an intriguing image. Speak to the audience, don’t just give them a slide show they could read without your being present.
    5. Get to know the crowd. If you think you’re speaking to an experienced level of audience but they are really beginners, you will be speaking above their head. Conversely don’t speak 101 level topics to experts. Know the crowd by asking questions to gauge what they want to know. Slant your topic toward the majority.

    Offer take aways and handouts. Or offer them a link where they can get more information BUT they have to sign up to get your newsletter first! 

    How engaging are your presentations?  


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