The idea of business growth is great, right? Yes and no. It’s great if you’re ready for it, but what if you’re not? What if you get so much new business that you simply can’t handle it on your own? You don’t want to try and build a team in the midst of a growth spurt — it’s too hard to assure you’re getting the best talent when you’re under the gun.

Don’t let growing pains plague your business. Here is how you can prepare:

  • Have strategies in place for growth. This means, when you’re putting your business plan together you need to take growth into consideration. If you have employees on site and have to hire more will you have the space for them? This is a consideration not all business owners plan for.
  • What will growth cost you? By that I mean, will the number of new clients you’re bringing in be enough to offset the cost of new staff?
  • Do you have enough people in place, right now, to handle growth? If you don’t, where will you find them and how quickly can you get them up to speed?
  • Will a growth spurt change our company culture or the way you deliver products or services?

Growth is what all entrepreneurs strive for, but it doesn’t typically happen without growth pains. Plan ahead and you can minimize the pain.