What is your social media strategy? Have you ever wondered how to have an effective social media strategy? Posting without a strategy is like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. Whether it sticks or not, it’s still a mess, right?

    You don’t have to be a wizard to get the most out of the social media posts you’re sharing on your pages, but you do need to have a strategy.

    1. Who is your audience
    2. Why do they come to you? What’s your niche?
    3. What do they want? Not what do you want to share, but what do they want… truly want?

    How To Have An Effective Social Media Strategy

    Once you’ve narrowed down what social media platform your ideal clients interacts on, you can put together an effective strategy to interact with them, connect with them and grow your business.

    Here are a few different types of posts you will want to consider to up your social media engagement.

    1. What would you do? Ask for advice.
    2. Who could you refer for XYZ issue?
    3. Share content from your blog
    4. Make a graphic to highlight individual tips from a blog post
    5. Ask for a referral for a friend or colleague
    6. Fill in the blank questions, “The best day in my business was…” “The worst bit of business advice I received was…” “What’s your favorite ice cream…”
    7. Share breaking industry news
    8. Share an inspirational quote
    9. Share a funny meme
    10. Share “insider” information — something you’re only sharing with your followers. Offer a coupon or a beta test of a product.
    11. Be authentic.

    What kind of content do you gravitate toward when you’re on social media? Share that content with your followers. What kind of content do your followers interact with the most on your page? Share more of that. Ask them, “What would you like to see, or know or hear more about?”

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