We all have daunting challenges in our lives and businesses. Find the solutions by following this 10-step recommended plan of attack. ~ Rex Richard

As a business coach and entrepreneur, Rex Richard has honed his problem-solving skills and works with his coaching and swimming pool contractor clients to help them tacklet problems, solve them and get more done!

How To Hone Your Problem-Solving Skills

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Grab your writing instrument of choice or pull op a document on the computer and get ready to sharpen this necessary skill.

  1. Identify the problem. If you only have a vague understanding of what the problem is or might be, you won’t be able to solve it because you won’t have the information you need.
  2. What different angle could you approach this problem from? Jack Welch said, “Continually expand your definition of the problem, and you expand your view of all the different ways that it can be solved.” Ask, “What else is the problem?” You may not be looking at the correct “problem” at all.
  3. Consider the solutions you’ve tried. Look the problem over and under. Ask for help because you just might have a blind spot to the problem.
  4. What caused the problem? Is it something that just popped up or has it been brewing for some time now? Know when and how it arose and you might be able to better address it.
  5. Look for ALL possible solutions — don’t censor yourself. No matter how far-fetched a solution may seem, write it down because there could be a kernel of a solution.
  6. Reward yourself because by now, you have thoroughly examined the problem, causes and some potential solutions. Given this hard work, you are ready to decide which tactic will work best, and to go for it. No more procrastinating!
  7. Get your team around you and delegate
  8. Set a deadline and metrics to measure the success moving toward it
  9. Get the solution implemented BUT have a back up plan in case the original plan doesn’t fall into place.
  10. Re-examine the success or failure or points that got missed and make a written note of them in case you’re faced with this same problem or a similar one

Rex Richard understands the importance of leading a balanced, orderly personal life as a way to help you be a better leader in your business role. Your personal satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, can color your business dealings.

Reinvention is something you should look at regularly in your personal and your professional lives. Make the time to achieve serenity and peace. On a daily basis, simply turn everything off for a time. Be quiet, calm and peaceful.

Savor the silence. Use your former TV-watching time to get in closer touch with your loved ones. Be considerate to them and to yourself.

If you need help solving problems or reinventing yourself or your routines, reach out to Rex Richard.