As an entrepreneur, it is less expensive to keep a current customer than it is to cultivate a new one. How to keep customers coming back is something that both service providers and product sellers need to keep in mind and plan for. Yes, you can count on some organic growth and some clients and customers might stay with you because they’re complacent or they simply dont want to do the work to find someone to replace you — that is not the reason you want to keep a customer.

    You want to keep customers coming back because they are delighted with your goods and/or services.

    How To Keep Customers Coming Back

    One-off clients and one-off product sales are draining to your mental energy and won’t help you plan for future growth. Cultivate your current customers and look for ways to keep them with you. Here are a few ways to do that:

    1. Don’t get “bored” with your current customers. Some entrepreneurs love the thrill of the chase and caring for current clients is boring to them and they are always seeking that greener pasture. I recommend keeping current customers as happy as possible.
    2. What can you do to systemetize processes and onboarding and training your staff to care for clients? Make it seamless for everyone involved.
    3. Don’t be afraid to have your client work with a staff member. If you can be out there selling to larger clients or taking on more difficult tasks or creating new products and services give your clients to a trusted staff member. Don’t let your ego stop you from delegating.
    4. Know what sets you apart and let that be your signature product or program. This product or program can be your business’s differentiator.
    5. Check in with current clients. Don’t assume they think everything is going well just because you haven’t reached out. Stay in touch means staying front of mind and may keep them from hesitating when they pay your current invoice.
    6. Offer support services. If you can provide add-on services, do so. This may make you a more well-rounded agency and won’t give your clients any reason to have to shop.
    7. Create new products and services and offer them to current clients as upsells at “loyal customer pricing.”

    When is the last time you checked in with your current clients to assure they are still happy?

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