If the pandemic taught business owners anything it’s that much of their work can be done remotely and their staff — many of them — would prefer to continue working from home. At first, remote work was such a foreign concept that it sent employers and workers into a tailspin. If you wonder how to make remote work viable, we can help.

Employers wondered… will the work get done? Will the staff be productive or will they be taking afternoons off?

Employees wondered… where will i work? How can I get work done when I am at home? How will I draw a line between work hours and home hours when my employer knows I have everything at my fingertips to keep me engaged?

How To Make Remote Work Viable

The hybrid workplace has become more commonplace with employees choosing to come in a day or two a week and WFH the other days. This seems to give the employer peace of mind that the work is getting done. This situation also seems to suit the employee who relishes in person interaction and watercooler talk. Being in front of the boss is also a great way to stay front of mind when you’re trying to move up the company ladder.

If you’re still struggling with remote work, here are our tips:

  1. Have a clearly defined workspace. Even if you’re on the kitchen table, claim it and work from there. At the end of the day, pick up, pack up, and transition yourself into home – even though you don’t have a commute.
  2. Draw a line in the sand that your work hours are from X to Y and you’re not going to be on call 24/7
  3. Make sure your family understands that you’re still working even though you’re home. They need to understand the importance of that.
  4. Don’t give in to the impulse to clean the house, wash the dishes, mow the lawn or run errands. If you want to do those chores, do them before work, during your lunch or after work. Treat your workday as a workday.
  5. Attend meetings. Get involved in zoom chats with fellow employees and staff. Stay front of mind by contributing to conversations.
  6. Know whether your ideal workday involves staying home all day, every day. If not, let your employer know. Conversely, if you know you don’t want to be in the office full time, then talk with your employer and see what can be worked out.

This is still a strange new world in many ways and you may still be navigating it. Give us a call and talk with Rex Richard if you’re struggling to keep your business afloat in the new work from home world or about any business concerns you may have.