There is so much that goes into branding your business. You need to think about colors, fonts, logo design, the words you use and you also need to know how to make your brand personality shine through video. Let’s face it – Zoom is now our life and looks like it will continue to be so for many months to come.

If you represent your brand when you’re on Zoom calls with current clients, potential clients or on a networking event with people you don’t know but want to get to know better you need to think about how you’re representing your business.

How To Make Your Brand Personality Shine

We have put together this list of ways in which to put your best brand forward when on a video chat.

  1. What is in your background? Are you in a bathroom and viewers can see the tub? Do you share your office workspace with a child’s bedroom? Are you in your own bedroom? Please, we urge you – look around and make your background as branded or as “invisible” as possible. If you have a banner with your logo, hang it. If you need to add a virtual background for Zooms, make sure it is representative of your business. Be professional at all times. We know that people are working from home and clients are willing to put up with a dog barking or a child chatting but do they need to see your pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your bedroom? No.
  2. Practice on the camera. If you’re uncomfortable or don’t know where to look or speak, set up your phone or turn on your video camera and practice. Record yourself and play it back. Listen to how you sound, what the background noises might be and if you’re looking at the camera and what your lighting is.
  3. What works best for you? Do you want to be on camera with someone and talk interview style or are you able to talk to the camera and interact when you’re a solo act.
  4. Set up your YouTube channel and brand it with your colors, keywords and logo to establish your expertise and online brand.
  5. Do a few Facebook Lives as “test” videos. You can check your lighting with an audience with whom you can interact. Ask a few friends to watch your Live and give you feedback.
  6. If you’re kicking off a YouTube channel or a weekly live event, share that news with your followers on social media, through your website and on your email list.
  7. Pick a niche for your videos. Chances are, if you’re an entrepreneur you know your niche. Work that through your video platform and stay in your lane… until you’re established enough to move out of it and have your followers… follow you!

Look at your latest video call or recorded video and ask whether you need to amp up your video brand game. If so, Rex Richard can help!

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