Are there secrets to writing great blog posts? Yes, and no. They aren’t actual secrets, but they are tried and true strategies that just might get eyes on your post and customers through your doors! How to write a great blog post isn’t a secret, but there is a formula.

The coronavirus pandemic and shut down of the country has meant many entrepreneurs have had to pivot and refocus the way they do business. No longer can you meet at a networking event or over a cup of coffee. Zoom has become the norm and the blog on your website has become your calling card.

How To Write A Great Blog Post

We have these tips to make your blog posts better and bring in new connections.

  1. Be niche. When you choose a general topic like “swimming pools” you will be lost in a sea (pun intended) of other “swimming pool” posts. If you niche down to “infinity edge swimming pool contractors” you’re getting closer. How about “infinity edge swimming pool contractors in New York.” Now you’re niched. Know your niche and write to that. Don’t try to be everything to every one. You just won’t win.
  2. Write a “compare and contrast” post. People love side-by-side comparisons. This doesn’t mean you need to trash the competition, you can just show how your product or service rises above the rest.
  3. Solve a problem. Why do your customers come to you? Whether it’s for a haircut, a pizza, to buy widgets or get their pool cleaned or find a business coach – find what sets you apart and what problem you solve for them. Write about that.
  4. Teach them something. Give the reader a reason to invest their time and attention to your blog post and teach them something they can use when they are done. You won’t be giving away all your insider secrets, but you will be a trusted resource who offers tips your reader can use – they will remember that.
  5. Share success stories. You can highlight your customers and share their success stories. Interview a customer and show their before and after once they’ve worked with you or bought your product. Once you share their story they will share it with their friends!
Let your creativity shine. Let your reader know who you are and why you do what you do. Give them a peek behind the curtain into your business. Everyone loves that insider peek!

 If you’re struggling with your content, reach out to us, we can help!

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