Today’s business landscape is so competitive. Entrepreneurs need to not only set themselves apart, they need to explain why they are better than the competition, how they are different from the competition and why you should choose them. One way to do that is to write great copy. How to write great copy is something we talk with our clients about because we understand the power of search engine optimization and how great copy helps you rank.

If you’re having a hard time writing great copy, we have tips.

How To Write Great Copy

Great copy, and writing it is an art form. You can either write your own copy or hire an expert to write it for you — we can help you find one, or we can craft your copy.

If you want to write your own copy, here are our best tips.

  • To whom are you writing? Knowing who your reader is and what they want to know will help you craft the context of the article. What do you want to tell readers and what action do you want them to take once they’ve read it?
  • Stick to one topic per post.
  • A great, and searchable title. When you determine the title first, it will help you stick to one topic (see bullet point above). When you’re writing your title, write it in a way that is intuitive for your readers to find. “How to write great copy” is a searchable title, “How to write an article about what people want to know about writing copy” is horrible. Too long, not searchable, not intuitive.
  • Your first sentence should be compelling. When you read a book, it’s the first sentence that draws you in. Craft a compelling first sentence.
  • Short paragraphs are key.
  • Use bullet points, bold text, numbered list. Readers have short attention spans and consume content in chunks. Give them the highlights and make it easy to read.
  • Use a graphic. Break up text with graphics and make the graphic relevant to the content.
  • Use key words and key phrases to help your written content get read. Using SEO in a manner in which you’re conveying great content in a searchable way is an art form!

Is your content getting read? Are you writing great content? If you’re not sure, email us or drop us a comment and let’s talk.


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