Leaders Must Be Accountable

When you’re entrepreneur, you can’t operate with a “do as I say, not as I do” mindset. You must be as accountable to yourself, your business and your employees as they are to you. Leaders must be accountable in order to demand that from staff, vendors and others with whom they interact.

How can you lead with accountability?

  1. Think about whether you have been clear in actions and deeds.
  2. Are the deliverables you promised being delivered on time and in the state in which you promised them?
  3. Have you clearly stated to the principles involved what the business impact or consequence of actions will be — whether good or bad.
  4. Do you follow up and follow through?
  5. Do you apologize when you’ve been in the wrong?

Today, employees and vendors have myriad choices of business owners with whom to work and interact. Make certain you are that employer or vendor or service or product provider of choice. Be accountable. Be authentic in all of your dealings. Watch your business soar when you are an “open book.”

We know, though, there is a delicate balance a leader walks between being a leader and being just one of the guys. It’s important for you to set the tone of the office and business environment. Balance your approach of being a strategic leader and being an approachable manager and your employees, staff and vendors will see that you are accountable and someone in whom they can place their trust.

Do you find yourself in a struggle with being a leader and being a manager? They are two very different styles of being a business owner. If you’re looking to grow your business in 2017, drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk about how coaching might help your business move to the next level of success.


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