Knowing how to run a computer program and keep your anti-virus software up to date are skills that are necessary for an entrepreneur to have — or to hire someone to take on for him. There are low-tech skills entrepreneurs need to master that are as vitally important master — sometimes even more so than the hard-tech skills.

Low-tech Skills Entrepreneurs Need To Master

  1. How to entertain your clients. If you want to “close a deal” you may need to master the art of small talk and networking. Whether you entertain clients at an intimate dinner, a large holiday party or even over coffee for a first meeting.
  2. Plan face-to-face meetings. Technology is great and it helps you connect with clients across the country, but many entrperenuers rely on tech to communicate with clients who are just across town. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with a client to cement the relationship or with a new client to build rapport.
  3. Know what to do at a trade show or conference. Don’t be a wallflower and expect others will approach you to talk. You need to screw up your courage and make the first move. If you’re making the commitment to attend you need to get a return on your investment.
  4. Pick up the phone. Gasp! We know it’s a concept that has fallen out of favor in this era of text messages and emails, but a good, old fashioned phone call is a great way to connect quickly and to also hammer out a concept that would take far too long to do via email.
  5. A handwritten thank you note. This is truly a practice that has gone out of style. If you have a meeting with a potential client, send them a handwritten thank you note to not only recap your conversation, but to thank them for having taken the time to meet with you. Getting a physical piece of mail is rare in today’s electronic era and this might make you stand out from the competition.

What low-tech skills do you need to master or do you need to brush up on?

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