Making your business dream a reality may be something that you’ve been struggling with. How do you take the leap of faith in yourself and go from employee to potential employer? It takes focus and fortitude and a few other things as well!

If you’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, what’s stopping you? Overcome some of these fears and see whether living the life of an entrepreneur is the life for you!

Making Your Business Dream A Reality

  1. Face your fears. The fear of failure has stopped many an entrepreneur with a great idea in his or her steps. Be willing to fail — call it an experiment then move on.
  2. Be focused in your efforts. If you have myriad business ideas, choose the one that speaks to you the loudest and focus on that one. Bring in your other ideas once you’ve mastered the first.
  3. Start small and lean. You can print business cards at home if necessary. You don’t need a fancy office space. Work from a home office and meet at coffee shops until you can afford your own space — you may find you never need your own space. Create a small product to kick off your endeavor. Add on more options as you grow. You will want a website, but you can even get those for free and many are easy enough for those without much technical knowledge to build themselves. Save your money until you’re making money before you focus on a website with a lot of bells and whistles. If your’e selling product, though you may need a more robust site.
  4. Use social media to help share your message BUT don’t share a message until you know what it is!
  5. Look for a “team” or an accountability group. It is nice to have like-minded business people to bounce ideas off of and to help you through rough patches and with whom you can interact and offer insight. Mastermind groups are great for start-up businesses especially when new endeavors can feel so isolating.

Don’t give up on a business idea because you’re afraid. Look for a mentor or a business coach or a mastermind group who can help you formulate your message and get you moving down the road toward business success.


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