Monsoon season is coming to Arizona and because of that, business owners (in Arizona and across the globe, actually) have to have plans in place to weather storms — both figuratively and literally. With Arizona’s monsoons come damaging rains, high winds and dust storms aka haboobs and all of these — or even any one of these could put an unprepared business owner into a tailspin.

If you have a physical location, you could find your building flooded or find yourself without electricity. Even if you have a virtual business you could find yourself impacted by storms in the form of power outages or floods as well. It’s best to have contingency plans in place to help weather storms and these could be in the form of off site storage, cloud storage and insurance coverage to help make you whole in the event of an emergency.

In addition to this, a business owner needs to understand ways to deal with the intangibles of entrepreneurship. Do you ever find yourself getting knocked off course? Are there events that happen that you just hadn’t planned for that cause you to skip a beat? If so, here are steps you can implement today to help you maintain an even keel:

  1. Is your vision for your business clear? If it isn’t you can easily be blown off course.
  2. Is your mission for how you deliver your goods and services clear? Again, see Number 1.
  3. Does your team understand the mission and vision and the procedures you have in place to make them a reality?
  4. Does your team understand their individual roles and responsibilities in the organization?
  5. Are you an accountable and inspirational leader? This means, you take responsibility for your actions and you lead by example.

How prepared are you and is your business in the event of a “monsoon”?


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